Victims of Crime

img_victims-of-crimeWe can assist in your Application for Victims of Crime Assistance. Our firm can help you through the entire process from assisting you in determining your eligibility in making a claim, submitting your initial application, appearing on your behalf at the Tribunal to applying for variations of award in the future if necessary.

As a victim of crime, you may be entitled to financial assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) or to compensation from the offender.You can still apply to VOCAT even if the offender has not been identified or charged, and VOCAT claims are independent to any trial. Even if the perpetrator is not convicted, you can have a successful VOCAT claim.

A victim of crime is a person who has suffered physical or emotional injury or financial loss because of a crime. Victims of crime may have:

  • been injured in a violent attack or culpable driving incident
  • witnessed a violent crime
  • experienced family violence or domestic abuse
  • experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse
  • been the subject of physical assault or robbery
  • been the subject of stalking or threats to kill
  • been assaulted or has experienced a breach of intervention order

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