Conveyancing – Residential Properties

img_conveyancingWe can assist you in all aspects of your conveyancing enquiries and help you in this important journey. In conveyancing matters, the Purchaser is required to take steps to obtain proper ‘title’ to the property, including that the Vendor actually has the right to sell the property. The process of conveyancing is designed to ensure that the Purchaser obtains the property and all the rights associated with it. Vendors and Purchasers are required to ensure that the transaction for selling or purchasing their property proceeds as smoothly as possible in a timely and cost effective manner.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is property transfer. It is a legal term used when you are selling or purchasing a property. Conveyance means to prepare documents in order to transfer one property from one person to another. We can assist you with all your property transfer enquiry from preparing your sale documents commonly known as Section 32 Vendor’s Statement right up to settlement stage when parties exchange hands. We prepare all documents relating to the sale or purchase of your property. We correspond with your real estate agent, financial institution and the legal representative for the other party in the transaction.

Documents we prepare:

  • Section 32 Vendor’s Statement
  • Transfer of Land
  • Statement of Adjustments
  • Settlement Statement
  • Notice of Acquisition
  • Notice of Disposition
  • Statement of Goods
  • And other related documents

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