Intervention Orders

We can assist you with your Intervention Order matter whether you are the Applicant or the Respondent. We deal with clients who have cases falling under either the Family Violence Protection Act 2008  or Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010. A Family Violence Intervention Order  is an order to protect you from a family member who is violent to you. A Personal Safety Intervention Order is an order that helps to protect you from someone, other than a family member, who makes you feel unsafe.

The Court can make Intervention Orders to protect you from people who have subjected you to an assault, intimidating, threatening, abusive or violent behavior.

We regularly appear in the Frankston Magistrates Court and Dandenong Magistrates Court. We can also assist you with mediation or dispute resolution which is a process encouraged by the Court in order to assess whether the matter is capable of being resolved without the need for further Court hearings or involvement.

Please contact us to make an appointment to see one of our lawyers so we can discuss your Intervention Order related queries.