Criminal Law

We can assist with your criminal matter as our firm deals with cases ranging from Summary to Indictable offences. We commonly deal with matters relating to assault, traffic offences, theft, fraud, drug offences, drink driving offences, driving without a licence and other related matters. We can also assist in your application to enter into the Diversion Program if you are eligible. Eligibility in the Diversion Program is usually reserved for first time offenders of minor offences.

We commonly appear in the Frankston Magistrates Court and Dandenong Magistrates Court.

What is a Summary Offence?

A Summary offence is a matter that is to be tried by a Judge alone. If you are charged with a Summary Offence you do not have a right to have a trial by a jury. Matters dealt with in this way usually proceed through the justice system much faster than matters dealt with on indictment. Summary Offences are less serious crimes such as traffic offences and petty crimes. For an offence to be a summary offence, the legislation that creates the offence must clearly state that it can be dealt with summarily. If it does not, then the offence is an indictable offence.

What is an Indictable Offence?

Indictable Offences are serious offences and require a trial by judge and jury. If you are charged with an Indictable Offence and choose to plead not guilty you are guaranteed a right to a trial by a jury.

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